Our Story




1. Bring out of sleep; awaken.

2. Cause to feel excited, to become active or energetic.

My love for coffee didn’t start out in some swanky coffee shop with the choice of 5 different types of milk... instead, it started on a 3-day hike on the Arizona Trail with a friend. I was 16 and not at all an experienced hiker, after a grueling 13 miles hiked on the first day I was dead. After little to no sleep, I didn’t think I could get out of my tent let alone hike another mile… after forcibly being coerced to get up, I was told to come and sit down with him on the cliff’s edge. He handed me a metal mug with straight black coffee made from a pot on a fire with some week-old coffee grounds. I had tried coffee numerous times and just could never palate the taste, too exhausted to argue, I took the mug and took a sip as I peered over the cliff. It was a defining moment in my life, the view was breathtaking and the coffee seemed to enhance the experience even more. I could feel the hairs on my arms start to stand, I was invigorated, the exhaustion was dissipating and I was excited to start the next leg of the hike. 

Justin Norris - Founder & CEO